#Breakforcist Battle (TBA, Lucid Sheep Games x Pete Ellison, Coming Spring 2018)

An all new 4-player couch multiplayer version of our cult classic game #Breakforcist is coming in Spring 2018! More details to be announced soon!


Bead Art Studio Pro (Web/Flash, 2017)

Roll up your sleeves, enable Flash Player, and unleash your creativity on a 12x12 grid!


Donut Ghost ~Open For Business~ (Web/Flash, 2017)

Help Donut Ghost with a hard day's work selling donuts in this web-only mini game!


#Breakforcist (iOS / Android, Lucid Sheep Games x Pete Ellison, 2017)

A mobile game collaboration with Lucid Sheep Games, #Breakforcist is a fast-paced breakfast/exorcism-themed brick-breaking arcade game with lots of exciting twists and a full original soundtrack.