About Pete



Pete Ellison is a visual artist, illustrator, printmaker and designer. Having grown up with the bright cartoons, arcade games, and breakfast cereals of the 80’s & 90’s, his art is a playful tribute to the aesthetics of consumer culture. His bold graphics remix visual references like brand mascots, candy packaging, and colorful trinkets of past decades into something new that’s both retro and timeless.

Pete’s past projects include an award-winning t-shirt collaboration with Pocky, art & music for the quirky retro-inspired game “Breakforcist Battle” for Nintendo Switch, and band merch for artists like The Doubleclicks and Bloodcode.


2022, My Famicase Exhibition, Capsule Corner/Leimenspace, Los Angeles, CA

2022, My Famicase Exhibition, Meteor, Tokyo, Japan

2022, ARTMART, Toronto, ON [Organizer/Exhibitor]

2021, My Famicase Exhibition, D2 Place TWO, Hong Kong

2021, My Famicase Exhibition, Meteor, Tokyo, Japan

2020, Power In Numbers 5, Gallery Nucleus, Los Angeles, CA

2018, My Famicase Exhibition, Meteor, Tokyo, Japan

2016, Solo Show, Ground Kontrol, Portland, OR

2016, Solo Show, Spritely Bean, Portland, OR

2015, Wonderland Art for Animals, Leanna Lin’s Wonderland, Los Angeles, CA

2014, From The Toy Box, Ltd Art Gallery, Seattle, WA
2014, Artcrank, Portland, OR

2013, Group Show, Home:Bass, Portland, OR


2022, Organizer of ARTMART bi-monthly illustration event

2021, Dice Paradise for iOS, Pete Ellison x Bitty Apps [Designer/Composer]

2020, StART, Scarlett Road Bike Barrier Murals

2019, MeltyHeart, Interactive Art Software for iOS/Android [Designer/Composer]

2018, Kegel Kat for iOS/Android, Pete Ellison x Bitty Apps [Designer]

2018, #Breakforcist Battle for Nintendo Switch, Pete Ellison x Lucid Sheep Games [Designer/Composer]

2017, #Breakforcist for iOS/Android, Pete Ellison x Lucid Sheep Games [Designer/Composer]

2016, Pete Ellison x Pocky/Glico Collaboration, Winner of ADDY Advertising Award


PRINT Mag / Super Cute Kawaii

The Oregonian / Nintendo Life / TouchArcade / Bonus Stage

Waypoint / Kotaku / Gamezebo / Pocket Gamer / TouchArcade / AppAdvice / Clutter

App Advice / Clutter / Super Cute Kawaii / Mediapost

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