Announcing #Breakforcist Battle Coming Spring 2018!

The past 9 months I've been hard at work on #Breakforcist Battle with Lucid Sheep Games! This is a brand new version of our cult classic mobile game #Breakforcist, with an exciting new couch multiplayer mode for up to 4 friends! We'll be announcing more details including platforms soon, so please stay tuned!

New Screen Print Release! "Bingsu Fever"

I've just released a new limited edition screen print that I printed here in Toronto called "Bingsu Fever"! It's a 2-color 11x17" print, edition of 40. Available now in my shop!

Happy New Year + New Special "Bingsu" Screen Print In Progress!

Hey, look at that, it's a new year! I'm just getting back into 'work mode' after a really nice staycation; lots of downtime with my boyfriend, socializing with friends, good food, and time to reflect on what's in store for 2018.

I started screen printing in our new space last summer, then promptly had to put it on hold to focus work on some video game stuff. I'm just getting it back up and running now, doing a test print on paper with a design I burned last summer. I don't yet have a proper print table / clamps for paper, so I decided to test out using my t-shirt press to do paper prints - it worked great! I also experimented a bit with adding transparency to my inks, and I'm super happy with how the colors turned out. I'll finish up the print run later this week and get them up for sale soon. If you'd like to be notified when they go on sale, just sign up for my newsletter (down in the footer!).

I'll be announcing more print designs soon - stay tuned!

Fake Arcade Game Logos Series

Inspired by the aesthetics of late 70's/early 80's arcade games, I designed a series of 12 logos for imaginary games dreamed up by my BFF Rachel Picard!