Bibimbap Friends are on a mission to promote the invigorating taste of bibimbap worldwide! Mr. Bibimbap is fresh and vibrant; Mr. Dolsot is spicy and a little hot-tempered! 

Bibimbap Friends stickers are a favorite on Facebook Messenger, LINE and iMessage!

Half donut, half ghost, all cute! Donut Ghost is the sole proprietor of his own international donut shop chain. Please enjoy using the many moods & feelings of Donut Ghost to communicate with your friends!

(iMessage pack includes 3 bonus Donut Ghost sticker packs for a total of over 70 stickers! Whoa!)

Kujira-chan & Geikatsu are two whales who just moved into town from the beach. Sweet and plump Kujira-chan loves tropical fruits, cool drinks and texting on her cel-phone. Evil and pink Geikatsu loves scheming and treating himself. Join these two frenemies as they live their day to lives in the city!

Charm-Ing! This sticker pack is inspired by the very popular plastic "junk charm" necklaces of 1985. Nobody knows who designed these, but they were everywhere!