Pete Ellison is a visual artist with an iconic illustration style that injects cute characters & advertising design with a unique retro/futurist outlook. His catalog of work includes fine art prints & objects, brightly colored apparel & accessories, interactive digital projects, and an ever-growing desire to transform urban spaces. After years of selling his work at parties & conventions, his clothing & accessories have quickly become staple attire for rave-going youth, with his limited edition items highly sought after by collectors. When not designing, he can be found behind the DJ decks at anime conventions, or exploring cities to find the latest sweet treats and cool graffiti.



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2014, 91.8 The Fan Interview
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Solo Exhibitions

2016, Ground Kontrol, Portland, OR
2016, Spritely Bean, Portland, OR


Group Exhibitions

2016, D-Beatstro, Toronto, ON
2015, Wonderland Art For Animals, Leanna Linn's Wonderland, Eagle Rock, CA
2014, From The Toy Box, Ltd. Art Gallery, Seattle, WA
2014, Artcrank PDX, Velocult, Portland, OR
2014, Portland Pop!, Geek City Gallery Pop-Up Planet Comicon, Kansas City, MO
2012, Group exhibition, Homebass, Portland, OR
2011, Group exhibition, Homebass, Portland, OR



2014, Every Day Is Play (p.271), Game Paused
2014, Lord and Lady of the Underworld, The Gorgonist
2013, Left Coast Right Brain Activity Pack 2013, Homebass
2013, Tankadere Vol III: Daring Dames, Crab Tank Ink
2012, Left Coast Right Brain Activity Pack 2012, Homebass
2011, Left Coast Right Brain Activity Pack 2011, Homebass